SEED was founded in 1957 and since, has become the largest disposable contact lens manufacturer in Japan. Beginning contact lens research in 1951, SEED have been supplying contact lenses, lens care products, and spectacles in Japan for more than half a century. SEED are dedicated to providing safe and comfortable contact lenses for every individual.

Now the SEED brand is on the way to making its mark internationally. SEED products are available in Japan, China, Hong Kon and Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia and India. In Europe, SEED products are available in Nordic countries, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Netherlands.

In April 2018, SEED acquired UltraVision CLPL to accelerate a full-fledged campaign across the UK and Ireland.

High-Performance and Eco-Friendly Facility

All the manufacturing processes of SEED 1dayPure® moisture lenses are strictly managed at SEED Kounosu laboratory. Great care is taken in producing each contact lens at the manufacturing plant to ensure the utmost safety of the patients eyes. SEED takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and ensures its facilities are eco-friendly.

Efficient use of Energy

Photovoltaic power generation systems are set on the roof, utilizing clean energy and shielding effect. In addition, we introduced energy management system (FEMS) making it possible to check the amount of electricity used to achieve eco-friendly manufacturing with reduced waste.

Large Reduction of Water Consumption

Large amounts of pure water are used during the manufacturing process of soft contact lenses and to utilise discharged water from the factory, SEED have built a water recycling system for large-scale water conservation.

In addition, SEED have created eco-friendly technologies and facilities, i.e. the recycling of the plastics emitted from the manufacturing processes, and are currently working on the conservation of global environment through various company activities.

High Standard of Quality Management

To ensure the highest quality of SEED lenses, only products which have passed through our strict quality management system and thorough inspection processes are shipped.

Furthermore, using the two-dimensional code and ID tag, an integrated management system has been implemented for production and distribution, enabling all lenses to be traced.